I am so excited to share this post about this growing family because documenting families in this way is something I’m incredibly passionate about. First, I should probably tell you that this little video embedded here is what I call a birth story. It’s not exactly a video. But it’s not just pictures. It’s a story […]

I’ve been on such an incredible journey this past month getting to know Alicia’s family. From her maternity session, to witnessing her son’s very first moments of life, to her lifestyle session at home with her husband and daughter. I’ve loved documenting this family’s story as they’ve grown from a family of three to a […]

So, like I mentioned a few months back, I was going to get the opportunity to photograph the birth of a newborn. It all happened last Thursday at 7 p.m. I got a call from a family member (who is a good friend of mine) telling me that the mother-to-be was in labor at the […]

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