A Christmas Birth Story in Dallas

So, like I mentioned a few months back, I was going to get the opportunity to photograph the birth of a newborn. It all happened last Thursday at 7 p.m. I got a call from a family member (who is a good friend of mine) telling me that the mother-to-be was in labor at the hospital. Right away, I double checked that my camera battery was charged and that all of my gear was ready to go. They said they’d call me when she was closer to delivery. Three and a half hours later, I got the phone call, and we were on our way.


When we got there, we had to stay in the waiting room until it was time for the doctor to go in. After a few minutes, I was allowed to enter the room, and sat down in a hospital sofa in the corner of the room. The doctor let us know when the baby’s time would be, and when all the action started, I stood up, behind the grandmother and father-to-be, who were standing by her side. It was December 23rd, 11:59 p.m., and it was time for that baby to be born.


I kept my eye on the digital clock in the corner. It was midnight all of a sudden, and he would be a Christmas Eve baby. Seconds later, he was born! And I was in such awe. I was so amazed! My heart was pounding in my chest. It was the most beautiful event to witness. The doctor was holding that baby, and he was so teensy-tiny. Five seconds later, I decide to look straight ahead. And I couldn’t decide which interaction between two people was more special. That between the doctor and newborn, or that between the new mommy and daddy. When I looked in front of me, the new daddy was leaning his head on the new mommy’s and that dad was all smiles. He was just holding her hand, and they were looking back and forth at their miracle and at each other and that was enough to make me cry.


Next, I moved over to the nurse’s table where the baby was getting cleaned up. Lily and Diego, thank you so much for letting me be a part of those special moments! I hope the pictures will help you relive that night and the first moments you had with your new son.





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