Favorite Dallas Wedding Videographers

As a wedding photographer, I get asked a lot by my new clients if I have recommendations for Dallas wedding filmmakers or cinematographers. It’s one question that I love to answer because having a good partnership with the videographer is so important on the wedding day. When I was engaged, wedding photography was the most important aspect I had in mind. I was lucky enough to have my good friend and mentor, Celina Gomez photograph our day, and knowing that we’d be in the hands of a true professional for our stills gave us such peace of mind.

For both my husband and I, our wedding film was the very next most important aspect on our list. We wanted to be able to play back our vows and hear the voices of our loved ones. Hearing someone’s voice and watching them be long after they’re gone is a treasure. We knew our wedding film would be a way of going back in time and reliving this very exciting and emotional milestone in our relationship. We wanted a cinematic film. The drone footage, the detail b-roll, professional audio edited together to create a moving work of art. We wanted a team with an eye for documenting in-between moments, someone who pays attention and anticipates action to capture the essence of a person, of a day. The same high standards I have for photography, I had for my wedding filmmaker, and I would only recommend that same caliber videographer to my own clients. I’ve worked with many over the years, and I have three favorites to recommend.

Everlasting Wedding Films

Dallas wedding videographers Everlasting Wedding Films

First up is Art and Cynthia. I adore Art and Cynthia Barrios with Everlasting Wedding Films. I first worked with them back in 2016 and have several times since. I am so comfortable working with Art and Cynthia that I feel like we’re part of the very same storytelling team. I know they have my back as we share aspects of the wedding day, such as who is getting which angle throughout the day, and making sure we both get enough time to get what we need. It’s never a competition, always a collaborative effort to get the most beautiful and authentic imagery for our clients. After working with them, I’m just as excited to see their work as I am mine. I eagerly anticipate sneak peeks on their Instagram to see how they documented the same wedding day I worked, through their medium. I also am 100% comfortable vouching for them after witnessing just part of their client experience. They’re a calm presence on the wedding day, cheerleaders for their clients in their marriage, and just good, kind people.  Not only are they great to work with, but they are so talented. Their work is cinematic and emotional. Their editing pulls you in and makes you feel. It really speaks for itself. Click on over to their website and you’ll experience for yourself how you’ll get drawn into their beautiful wedding films.


Brad and Monica Wedding Films

Dallas wedding videographers Brad and Monica Wedding Films

Brad and Monica were the cinematographers for our wedding. I remember going through so many websites but not finding what we were looking for. When we finally came across Brad and Monica’s films, we loved how they expertly used audio to tell a complete story. Their work is so much more than just moving images set to music. They’re talented filmmakers that will create a cinematic documentation of your wedding day. Brad and Monica love to travel and frequently create wedding films all over the country. I’m always in awe of their sweeping drone imagery and find myself wanting to be at each wedding they film. Last year, I finally got to work with them as colleagues as we worked a fall wedding at Tuscany Hill in McKinney. They were every bit as awesome as teammates as they were vendors back when I was a bride. They were so easy to work with and I’m hoping to partner with them for many weddings to come!

The year after my wedding, my grandfather passed away and I felt compelled to share with them how important my film was to me that day. I wrote them a review on Wedding Wire: “I can’t say enough about Brad and Monica. My experience working with them was exceptional from the very beginning. They deliver a beautiful product, but what made them stand out to me in the process of wedding planning was how they just went above and beyond to make sure we were getting the best service and the perfect wedding film. They were accommodating, always nice and helpful and we felt like they cared. It’s been almost a year and a half since we got married and we know our wedding film is already being treasured as the family heirloom it is. My last remaining grandparent, my grandfather passed away today and I’ve already gone through to watch all of the parts of our film that he’s in. This is a priceless gift and I am so, so grateful to have it.”


Reel Simple Wedding Films

Dallas wedding videographers Reel Simple Wedding Films

I’ve actually only recently met Simone and Ramsey. We worked our first wedding together a few months ago and I hope it’s not the last! I really liked them a lot. They were fun to work with, easy going, collaborative and I was so impressed by their work! I’ve had just the two different videography teams on my list for a long time but after meeting Reel Simple Weddings, I knew I’d have to add them to my list! Head over to their website to see their beautiful work for yourself!


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