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 I describe my style as documentary or lifestyle because I aim for my work to be as authentic as possible. If you're looking for tons of photos of you and your kids looking at the camera, we're not a good match. However, if you want images that capture the way your husband stares into your newborn baby girl's eyes, or how your three-year-old laughs during a tickle fight or how beautiful your new family of five looks all cuddled up on the couch together, I'm your girl. 

 I encourage silliness and laughter during my sessions, and while I may direct you so that your positioning is flattering, I'm actively working to capture real emotion. 




I recommend contacting me as soon as you know your due date. From there, we can discuss package options and schedule you for when you're 28-33 weeks.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are done within the first 10 days of your child's birth. When you book, I'll put your due date in my calendar and ask that you keep in touch during the weeks prior.

I take a very limited number of non-maternity or newborn related family sessions and prefer these to take place in your home, where your kids are in their element and have the comforts they need to let loose in front of the camera.

The best feeling ever is getting positive feedback after delivering images, because not only have I made a client happy, I know that someday their grandchildren might see these photos and become more connected to their family because of them. I treasure my own family heirlooms and knowing that I have a small part in fostering happy memories for other families is so rewarding.

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